1 PDF icon Application is invited for booking of flat (EWS/LIG) in Light House Project, Agartala. Last date of submission of application i
2 PDF icon Advertisement of LIGHT HOUSE PROJECT
3 PDF icon Notification of Property Tax
4 PDF icon Notification of No manual application will be acceptable
5 PDF icon The Tripura Municipal (Water Supply, Levy and Collection f water charges)(1st mendment) Rules, 2020
6 PDF icon Lists of all Municipal levies, tariff and include the relevant information pertaining to the rates and tariff levied by the Urba
7 PDF icon Consideration of Not Applicability of reforms for evaluation under State Reform Action Plan (SRAP) -2020
8 PDF icon Notification SRAP- 194 of Tripura Building Rule-2017
9 PDF icon Notification SRAP- 191 of Tripura Building Rule-2017
10 PDF icon Notification SRAP- 187 of Tripura Building Rule-2017
11 PDF icon Notification SRAP- 186 of Tripura Building Rule-2017
12 PDF icon Notification SRAP- 181 of Tripura Building Rule-2017
13 PDF icon Notification SRAP- 180 of Tripura Building Rule-2017
14 PDF icon Notification SRAP- 179 of Tripura Building Rule-2017
15 PDF icon Notification of Reducing Compliance Burden
16 PDF icon Notification regarding no physical visit is required
17 PDF icon Notification of fees, procedure and require documents of Trade License, Property Tax and Construction Permit- Online System
18 PDF icon Audited Accounts of Mohanpur MC FY 2018-19
19 PDF icon Audited accounts of Mohanpur MC FY 2019-20
21 PDF icon Citizen Charter
22 PDF icon Renewal Notification of Trade License for all ULBs.
23 PDF icon Information of Fees, Procedure, Documents list of Trade License for all ULBs.
24 PDF icon Information on fees, procedure and a comprehensive list of all documents of Property Tax for all ULBs in Tripura
25 PDF icon Information on fees, procedure and a comprehensive list of all documents Building Plan in Tripura
27 PDF icon SWM DPR Tripura
28 PDF icon Notification of TRERA Chairman
29 PDF icon Notification of Water Charges
30 PDF icon RERA Notification
31 PDF icon Selection to the post of Chairman for State Level Shelter Management Committe (SLSMC), Tripura
32 PDF icon Common Service Center (CSC) list
33 PDF icon Notification fees of trade licence, property Tax and Wholesale fish market.
34 PDF icon Local Planning area of TUDA
35 PDF icon Solid Waste Management Bengali
36 PDF icon Solid Waste Management English
37 PDF icon Local Planning Areas Notification.
38 PDF icon List of beneficiaries under 1st phase of DPR of Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana-Urban (Revised list after curtailment)
39 PDF icon Service level Benchmarks for the year 2018-19
40 PDF icon Report Regarding Handing Over and Taking Over of Properties of Rose Valley Near Rabindra Bhawan,Agartala
41 PDF icon Submission of updated map and its ward boundaries in respect of the Khowai Municipal Council
42 PDF icon Notification of Tripura Building (Amendment of Parking Provision) Rules 2019
43 PDF icon Rates of Commission to be charged by the Common Service centre for various Municipal Services
44 PDF icon TUDA-General-Brochure
45 PDF icon building plan & designs