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Welcome to Urban Development Department

Local Self Government (LSG) Department was created in 1967 to control the works, and developmental activities related to urban affairs. Recognising the importance and necessity of development the Directorate of Urban Development was established on 26.07.1991. The nomenclature of LSG Department was changed to Urban Development Department in 1994. Directorate of Urban Development functions and controls the administrative and development related issues of the ULBs. The Tripura Municipal Act 1994 guides the administration in the Urban Local Bodies. Presently, there are 20 ULBs (1 Municipal Corporation, 13 Municipal Councils, 6 Nagar Panchayats) with an area of 242.83 sq.km. and a population of 8,82,817. 
The functions of Directorate of Urban Development broadly relates to safe drinking water, new roads and maintenance of existing one, better sewerage system, street lighting, construction of dwelling units, low cost sanitation, employment opportunities, loans, construction of shelter houses, construction of inner city roads and drains, town halls, shopping centres equipped with modern facilities etc.


Prof. (Dr.) Manik Saha

Hon'ble Chief Minister
Urban Development Department,
Govt. of Tripura

Sri Abhishek Singh, IAS

Urban Development Department

Sri. Rajat Pant, IAS

Urban Development Department