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To facilitate improvement of urban infrastructure for effective service delivery; to coordinate and facilitate efficient and effective functioning of urban local bodies; and to address the occupational and social vulnerabilities of urban poor.



Facilitate creation of basic urban infrastructure relating to water supply, sanitation and other amenities to improve urban services. In particular:

  • Providing all weather roads
  • Storm water drainage
  • Electricity connection &street lighting
  • Safe drinking water 24*7 to all households
  • Housing and Development of congested habitations slums
  • 100% sanitation and waste management
  • Development of motor stands and parking places with improved traffic management
  • Sustainable management of water bodies and development of open spaces around them for ecological, recreational and aesthetic use.
  • Development and improved management of market areas



An equitable, inclusive and sustainable growth of urban areas providing adequate affordable housing, sanitation and other amenities for better quality of life.